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The japanese longsword, commonly known as the katana, is a masterpiece of swordmaking, famed for its balance, strength, and elegance. Dainippon screen has recently developed a masterly pair of imagesetters inspired by the beauty and efficiency of the japanese katana. Combining the speed demanded for today's tight deadlines with output that, like the japanese katana, is a work of art, the new katana 5000 series imagesetters are the perfect answer to today's prepress needs.
The katana 5000 series imagesetters offer remarkable repeatability - the kind of repeatability required for high-quality output. What's more, this repeatability is available at amazing speeds, making the new katanas two of the fastest imagesetters in the world. With exposure widths of up to 575 mm (22.6") for the b2 format katana 5055 and 398 mm (15.6") for the b3 format katana 5040, the katana series imagesetters make it easy to output just about any 2-page or 4-page job quickly and accurately.
The katana 5000 series imagesetters can output several types of media, including film, paper, and flexible plates. With their superior registration accuracy and six different imaging resolutions, the new katana 5000 series imagesetters are ideal for inexpensive, fast, and high-quality output onto a variety of media.
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